Sunday, January 31, 2010

Update on January Goals

Here's how I ended up:

Complete one entire writing project.  Finished it today.  Not ready to share though.

Participate in a writing workshop either online or in person.
     Revised: Instead of doing the workshop, I found several that I will be participating in this year.  

Enter at least one writing contest.

Have an artist date per month. Actually got away to write more than once!  Thanks Chris!

Write every day. May not have been a lot, but it was done!

Write 10 query letters. Wrote 10 agent queries today that I will be sending out early this week (to avoid weekend inbox build-up.

Print 12 photographs and display in house. I printed them, but have yet to display them.

Complete The Pilates Lifestyle book proposal. WooHoo!!!! Starting to query agents this week!

Will work on February goals sometime this week, have a big deadline at work tomorrow so I doubt I will get them up right away.  Going to go a little easier on myself, this was a bit much.

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