Monday, January 18, 2010

Today I'm thankful for

  • Kids who don't mind throwing up.
  • A job that lets me work from home so I don't have to use up my vacation time because kids are sick
  • My computer
  • My roller
  • My husband
  • Exercise
We spent most of the night up with puking kids, so I didn't set an intention for the day other than a mental one to just get through it. Turned out not so bad. Both kids seemed to be fine as the day went on, minor fevers but no more vomit, thankfully. They both took incredibly long afternoon naps which meant that Chris and I got to nap too. I taught a great class and did what I'll call "Toddler Pilates" with Lily climbing all over me after I got home. All in all, not a bad day.

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