Thursday, January 7, 2010

Goals for 2010

Here are the goals I set last week, all compiled and SMART.

I complete one entire writing project each month.

I participate in a writing workshop either online or in person.

I enter at least one writing contest every month

I have one artist date per month.

I write every day.

I write 10 query letters per month

By 1/15/2010 I Print 12 photographs and display in house

By 1/31/2010 The Pilates Lifestyle book proposal is complete

By 2/1/2010 The Pilates Lifestyle blog begins with one post per weekday

By 2/28/2010 I have completed a “Best of” series of photographs

By 3/1/2010 My Etsy store is up and running with 10 pieces

By 4/1/2010 The Pilates Lifestyle book is complete.

By 5/15/2010 The Staircase Story is finished and published

By 6/1/2010 I have 1 paying writing gig per month

By 6/1/2010 The Book of Ruth is complete.

By 7/1/2010 I have samples of my clothing line made that I can work out in.

By 10/1/2010 I have a exhibited my photos.

By 12/31/2010 I have exhibited at a craft show/arts fair/farmer's market

By 12/31/2010 I have had three meetings with potential investors/sales for clothing line.

By 3/1/2011 My clothing line is for sale.

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