Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A whole new career

Yesterday was my last day at my corporate job. Today is the first day of my new career as a Pilates instructor. The scope of what that exactly means changed drastically last night--- for the better, but still, who wants a huge chink in the chain their last day at the cushy secure job?

I thought I'd been hired at a studio (I had a contract stating that, silly me). The contract allows me to teach other places, but for the last 5 months as the studio owner and I have been planning my leap into the fitness world, she has been nothing but encouraging and supportive, so I really thought I would be working mostly for the studio, and possibly doing a few things on the side. More than anything I didn't want to start any competing classes. Well, found out last night that, because I want to do crazy things like market my class, and I ask the office manager questions like when do I get paid? or How did you decide I would be deemed an employee rather than an independent contractor? I am probably not going to be a real good long term fit with the studio. My contract obligates me to work there through 2008, but I think we established last night that unless something drastic changes, I will probobly be moving on then. I was pretty pissed about the whole thing last night, but now I'm excited.

I have until the 10th off, then I begin the last phase of my teacher training which I hope to basically finish by October, in plenty of time for Lily to make her appearance in November. I will be doing 6-8 hours of Pilates per day (teaching and self practice) in order to make that happen. So, for the next 10 days, I am busting my butt to get the house in order is much as possible. And, now, planning my business.

Today though, I ran some errands- car emissions, oil change, target- and I took a much needed nap. The last week has been immensely stressful for me, and I haven't been sleeping. Or eating much. Neither of those two things are good when you're 26 weeks pregnant.

Speaking more week until I am officially in the third trimester!

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