Tuesday, August 7, 2007


No title for today- I just ate an AMAZING lunch, cooked by yours truly, on the grill, all by herself! It was a grilled chicken and eggplant pita, with FRESH tomato sauce (I made it while the stuff on the grill was cooking). I think I may try to write a lunch time cookbook. Add it to my list of creative endeavors for the next three months.

I finished "A Girl's Guide to Starting Your Own Business" while I was eating, and, seriously, I feel like I should go buy the book just to support the authors (I got it from the library). It is so full of useful information! I took good notes while I was reading, so I don't really anticipate needing to go back to it for much, so I probably won't buy it, but it is really good! The resources that it provides you with alone are worth the price of the book.

Someone is signed up for my class on Saturday morning. This is very exciting to me- it proves that I'm not insane, and a Pilates class geared toward Pregnant women is needed in Nashville, and I'm fulfilling a need.

The rest of my day is going to be spent canning tomatoes, and possibly, if I have time, making bumpers for the crib at church and for Lily's crib. Tomorrow I am meeting with a friend that is putting together a big weekend music festival, I'm going to be helping him out with some stuff, so between my classes and meeting with him tomorrow I plan to outline my business and marketing plans. Therefore, I'm taking the rest of today to think about them. And make notes, in between jars of tomato sauce.

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