Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I've missed a few days....sorry!

Wow. Time flys. So, here's what's been keeping me busy:

Friday: Honestly don't remember what I did Friday morning, I think it was working on Next Big Nashville Stuff trying to get it organized. At around 11, I set out to the public library, list in hand, looking for all of the do-it-yourself website design materials I could find. After checking out 6 -2+inch thick books, I came home and promptly bought myself the domain www.pilatesformommies.net. How is it that all the pregnancy & maternity related domain names in the dot com realm are bought, but not a single one has information up???? Squatters. Ugh. Anyway, after a few hours of reseach, I learned that my fabulous iMac was already equipped with the software I needed, and knew how to use. iWeb is my friend :) I created a fun page holder, complete with a link to email me, while I plan out the site. I have an entire day this week reserved to do just that.

Saturday I taught, and worked on VIP stuff for NBN. OH! That's what I did Friday morning- VIP list stuff. Anyway, we had a lovely dinner with Chris parents on Saturday night, and a quiet evening at home watching the 2nd Bourne movie. I haven't seen the first, but Chris visited all of the movie stores in town and was unable to find a copy of it for rent. Didn't seem to matter much though, I still enjoyed it.

Sunday I was sick. Was awake most of the night unable to breathe or get comfortable, and woke up feeling miserable. Summer cold, brought on by the insane amount of air conditioning required to keep the oven that is my body comfortable.

Because I was sick, I sort of took Monday off- I was supposed to teach two lovely ladies, but canceled on them both to recover. I ended up working on NBN stuff for a few hours in the morning, took at nice hour and a half long nap, and left to run some errands. As I walked out of the house, I realized that the sky was blue- after weeks of having a gross haze over the city, the nights' thunderstorm seemed to have cleared it off a bit. So, I grabbed my camera, and added city scape photography to my agenda for the afternoon. There is a hill just north of my house with a spectacular city view- when the sky isn't gross, so I was excited to go take some pictures. Unfortunately, the sky was still gross over the city. Looking north, away from the city, it was a pretty blue, but a haze still clouded the buildings in the skyline.

I did climb up to the top of Love Circle and take a few pictures from there, it wasn't horrible but not what I was hoping for. I spent the rest of the afternoon at starbucks, nursing my drink and reading "20 Things You Must Know About Music Online" (http://www.newmusicstrategies.com/ebook). It has a lot of great information for bands building themselves a web presence, but beyond that, for businesses building a web presence. I recommend it if you do anything business related on the internet.

This morning started out early- I popped the tire on Chris's car last night so he had to take it in to get it repaired, so I was on the computer working by 7am. It's 9:30, and I have updated the NBN website with all the bio information I've received, I've prepared and submitted another program proposal to a Pilates studio that I think would be a great fit, and I've written my morning pages. I have crossed everything off my to-do list for the day, other than working my way through "Making a Name for Yourself" which I am going to dive into right now...

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