Thursday, August 16, 2007

5 hours is too long to go without eating

I just finished eating a very good lunch. Not quite as good as I was hoping, but good, and cheap. There is a local deli that has a sandwich called a "Gobblin' Goat"- it's sliced turkey with goat cheese, served on grilled ciabatta or sour dough bread. I bought the ingredients to make it myself- total they all cost about $9, which is enough for 4+ sandwiches- $9 is also what the deli charges for the sandwich. Anyway- mine was good, not quite as good as theirs, but for the price difference I'm okay with that. I ate breakfast at a little after 7 though, and it's 1 now, that was way too long to go without eating.

I met with Jason this morning and am excited to dive into working on his administrative stuff. I got IWork '08 yesterday, and I've spent the morning getting to know the software. It's great so far. I made new planner pages- I am on a lifelong quest to find the perfect organizational system for me, and I've made vast strides this year. We'll see how these work- if they do I'll share how they're organized. Planner systems cost too much to buy, in my opinion, when none will perfectly fit what I need. That is what spreadsheet programs are for- to take a good idea and tweak it.

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