Friday, August 10, 2007

A Good Day

Yesterday that is. Today, not so much at this point, but yesterday was good. I had a client (my first "real" client) in my pilates class for pregnant/post pregnant women, and I heard from a member of the editorial staff at Radiant- they are interested in my series if/when I choose to write it. Which makes maintaining this blog all that more important. I didn't, however, do my "morning pages" which I feel a bit guilty about. And I haven't done any of the to-do's for this week from The Artist's Way, so I should work on that.

Today, so far, I've sprained my ankle, been visited by Jehovah's Witnesses, spent two hours sewing a bumper cover from faulty directions, and found out that it's going to cost $40-$50 to complete the bumper I was making for Lily's save money. Yeah. Apperantly, flame retardant foam is not cheap. So not cheap in fact, that we are going back to plan "A" which is to just buy a bumper. The cover (which I completed yesterday) we'll just keep around for once she ruins the one we buy.

Oh- the other thing I did yesterday that makes me feel very accomplished- I put details into my business plan, along with the word "deadline." Now I need to go back and actually pick dates.

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