Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's 2pm- why have I been awake for 9 hours already?

Well, it's been another day. But, I will start with yesterday as that's how this is supposed to go.

Yesterday I had to catch up from the weekend and being gone monday- so I went grocery shopping. And I canned. 2.5 pints of tomatoes, 2 more pints of pickles. With the tomatoes I made spaghetti sauce. Yummy. That pretty much shot my day though- I read the new chapter of The Artist's Way, did last week's exercises, and one chapter from Making a Name for Yourself. I'm having a heck of a time trying to concentrate though- especially when I'm at home.

I went to the studio at 4:30 and did two hours of self practice, no one showed up for my class so I took the time to get together more information to send out to businesses. Glad I did- I got three responses today and we are going to be listed in the next issue of Nashville Parent. WOOHOO!

Today, I started the day out bright and early at 6am at the studio, did an hour of self practice, then taught for an hour followed by another hour of self practice. Then I went to the dr., where I found out not only is my blood pressure still high- it's actually going up. So, they don't want me to lay on my back anymore at all. Which is fine, except that is how I have to position myself in order to do any self practice hours. We'll work out something at the studio, just not sure what yet. It'll help me tap my creative juices though.

Finally, the other great things that happened today were that Jason finally emailed me the stuff so I can start working with him, and I had an amazing lunch with a fellow Pilates teacher who is leaving a part time PA job that I may be able to snag! And I received my last paycheck from EMI (unused vacation pay) which was not in our budget, so I am feeling really good.

Good enough to go take a nap now :)

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