Wednesday, September 1, 2010


While at Publix on Sunday, a very sweet gentleman stopped me and asked if I wanted to taste "The best coffee you've ever tasted."

Well, of course I would! I was slightly skeptical because I only drink flavored coffee with flavored creamer, because I haven't quite grown up into the adult coffee world yet. But I thought, what the heck.

Nashville Roast hand roasts their coffee in the same building as The Mercy Lounge and Cannery Ballroom off of 8th Ave in Nashville. The coffee I was drinking on Sunday had been roasted on Saturday.

I have never tasted a better coffee, or a better coffee drink. I've never had "fresh" coffee before, and it is all that it's cracked up to be. I bought a pound and put the Chocolate Mint Ghirardelli coffee that was in my cart back. And, Nashville Roast was $3 per pound LESS than the Ghirardelli that I was planning on buying!

Saving money and getting better coffee? I'm all about it.

(The coffee is so good that as I was drinking my first cup on my way to work on Monday, I had to call my mom and tell her about it. At 6:45am. Seriously!)

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