Friday, September 10, 2010

Arabella Cobb

Arabella Cobb was born on May 18th at 7pm at just 22 weeks and four days. She weighed just one pound. She was given less than a 5% chance of surviving through the night. 114 days later, this inspiring, amazing little child is still here.

Born so early, her body was not ready for the world. She has battled problems with most of her major organ systems, including her skin. She has had surgery on both her heart and her eyes, and has made some great strides. She has been taken off the ventalator twice, to give her lungs a chance to work on their own. The last time she was able to sustain herself through eye surgery and was even on a simple nasal canula for a while (the same thing that many older folks walk around with all the time.) She's now weighing in at just under 4 pounds!

On Tuesday, September 7 they had to put her back on the ventalator. Her lungs had collapsed, and she was unable to get enough air on her own. Yesterday her parents had to make the difficult decision to start her on an experimental treatment- another round of steroids- to try to help initiate lung tissue growth. Her lungs simply cannot keep up with her. The possible side effects of this treatment are stunted growth, mental retardation and infection. The other option was to do nothing, which would pretty much guarantee that Bella would never come off the vent.

I tell you all of this to ask for your prayers.
Prayer for tiny baby Bella: God has shown His power through this tiny child time and time again. It's seemed hopeless and MIRACULOUSLY she has progressed. Please pray that the steroids will help her lungs without causing problems elsewhere.
Prayer for the doctors and nurses taking care of Bella: Wisdom, faith and confidence.
Prayer for Chris and Telisha, Bella's parents: Strength, courage, sustaining faith.
Prayer for Dylan, Bella's three year old brother: Understanding and hope.

You can read more about Bella and send her family notes of encouragement at

Thank you.

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