Thursday, August 5, 2010

My weird relationship with John Mayer

Actually, I don't have a relationship at all with John Mayer. I've met him once, seen him play several concerts, and am a fan of his music. But sometimes, like today, I have a crush on his voice. He really is a great songwriter. I do have a problem with some of his, um, personal choices, shall we say, but he really does make some good music. I'm just saying.

I have other voice crushes. My biggest one is on Edwin McCain. Love that man's voice. Wow. My other major voice crush I can't divuldge, because he's now one of my husband's friends. And that's a little weird, because long before I met my husband I had much more than a voice crush on this man. be fourteen again :)


  1. Ich. John Mayer is a Grade A sellout. He's a darn good musician, but anyone who can sing "Your Body is a Wonderland" and several of his other hits has very clearly sold out to the ladies, in a non-manly fashion.

    Not that rock and pop don't have a long history of selling out to get chicks, it's just that when someone like KISS or Bon Jovi did it, they did it with cajones. John Mayer's version is sans-cajones.

    My voice crushes are Beth Gibbons of Portishead and Bilinda Butcher of My Bloody Valentine :)

  2. Hey, so I finally made good on my "stopping over to read your blog" comment. :) I love thinking & creating, & reading other people's thinking & creating. So HI!
    First off - this made me LQTM. (i refuse to type the letters L, O, & L together. So yes, it made me Laugh Quietly To Myself. :)
    I was JUST thinking to myself like this morning? last night? Sometime when I was just recently washing dishes - that I sure am glad I don't know much about hollywood or celebrity lifestyles.. because I love John Mayer, and I don't think I want to know the details about him.. (I'm totally in the celebrity dark - I don't watch TV or read fame magazines. But I did hear a DJ mentioning something on the radio about him once.... and yeah, I think I'd rather just listen to his wonderful voice & swoon.) :)

    Jack Johnson is another one of my huge music crushes. Lyrics, voice, skill, Love him. He makes all work & housekeeping more enjoyable with his presence over my speakers.
    But my la-la-land heart in large part belongs to Brett Dennen. Love him. Great songwriter, unique voice, and awkwardly adorable. BIG heart.