Monday, August 16, 2010

Fun at the Lake

We are in Minnesota this week with my whole fam-dam-ly staying in a huge cabin on Lake Mary. We are in a really remote area, and I love it.

Triathlon training is going well- Sunday I ran almost 8 miles, yesterday my aunt and uncle took me for a nice 11 mile bike ride and today my dad took me swimming. Dad had to me swimming because it's been so windy here I can't swim distance where we are at- he took me across the lake to where the water was a bit calmer. It was still really rough, I only swam for 20 minutes and it wore me out.

I'm sitting by the fire by myself right now, the first time I've really been alone for about 5 days. Grandma is reading the kids a bedtime story, and I need to go ahead sign off before Chris starts looking for his computer.

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