Thursday, August 5, 2010

Latest Paintings

Here are my latest Creatively Fit Marathon paintings. Mile 11 is tomorrow, I can't wait.

The next "marathon" starts on September 3, and I highly recommend it. Get all of the details here.

The whole point of the marathon is not to make amazing works of art (you paint over them every 3-4 days anyway) it's to get in touch with your right brain- to learn to be creative so that you can find creative ways to solve your everyday problems, to "create change" in your life. It's also an amazing form of meditation. I always thought making art was hard- this has been the most relaxing part of my summer.


  1. that is super interesting and i should totally do that... i miss painting and think i need to get back into it... you are busy yet you do well with all your things!! way to go lady!! and hey are you going to MN soon :) love ya, val

  2. I love this idea! Going to check out your link.