Saturday, June 13, 2009

June 13

What is it about Saturday mornings that make people think they don't need to shower or wear clean clothes? I'm guilty of it too, as is everyone I know. You don't really plan on doing anything, so you don't really get dressed. Then you end up needing to run and do one errand, which turns into 2, which turns into being out all afternoon in yesterday (or last week's) dirty clothes with your greasy hair either pulled back in a pony tail or hidden underneath a baseball cap, neither of which really does any good because the fly-aways give away the fact that you didn't even brush it this morning.

Is it weird that I only wash my hair about once a week? Shouldn't my body produce more oil than that? I've heard that the oil production on your head is dictated by the amount that you wash- the more you wash the more oil you produce and vice versa. That might be true, because i had cut back to washing every 2 days, then 3, now it's really like once or twice a week. It might also be because I'm not exercising much, when I was getting all sweaty and gross I think I needed to wash it more.

Who is this blog for? What is the point? It's definately for me to "journal" in, but do I want it to do any more? I don't think so. My pilatesformommies blog is definately for a wider audiance, but I don't really care if anyone ever reads this one. Actually, I probobly prefer if they don't. I guess I could make it private, I don't really want to do that either though, I'm not sure why. If it was private I could not sensor myself at all, I do to a certain extent now but it's not all that serious.

I don't know what to do about work. Pilates work I mean. Now I'm sensoring myself. Interesting how I just typed about not doing that and then moved on to a topic where I feel it's neccissary.

Austin is moving so much- he's a lot more active than I remember Lily being. I asked Chris last night if I was this uncomfortable with Lily and he said I was, I just don't remember it. I guess that means I'll forget how uncomfortable I am now too. I don't remember what labor pain was like at all, which is fine, except that I'm starting to get scared of it again.

I hope we can finish getting the house put away today. That would be amazing!

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