Friday, June 25, 2010

Flat tires

Flat tires flat tires are no fun
Flat tires flat tires can hurt someone

Luckily, nothing was hurt but my pride. Up at 5:15, rode out for what was to be a 18-20 mile ride. 5 miles in, I couldn't figure out why it was so hard to go downhill. Then I started the big climb.
Then I heard the terrible noise. I stopped, looked all over the bike for the piece of plastic that was preventing my tire from turning and couldn't find anything. So I started to get back on to go again, and as I looked down to clip my foot in I saw it. My front tire. Completely flat.

Not sure what I hit or how it happened, but my 90 minute ride was cut short by 60 minutes, and Chris and the kids had to pick me up.

Oh well...I'll try again on Sunday. Or maybe tomorrow. Or tonight if I get my tire fixed...

Had I made it up the hill, this is what I would have seen:

Photo by Robin S. from here

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