Monday, June 21, 2010

The deer watched me run

I have been feeling a bit blah today. I wasn't happy with my morning run, I was later to work than I wanted to be, the day seemed to drag on and on and on.

But I am sitting outside now, in my backyard that I love, listening to the crickets and the neighborhood dogs and children. My own kids are singing to each other and I can hear them on the baby monitor. I am having my time and it's beautiful.

And just taking a moment to give thanks for how beautiful and peaceful it is out here I remembered what I saw while running this morning- before I got distracted and ornery about running- I saw two deer. They were eating in the field just outside of the neighborhood, and they both paused to watch me. Their beautiful, humongous eyes said, "Good morning! It's good to see you up so early!"

I haven't seen many deer in the last few months and I've been missing them. It was good to see them this morning, I'm thankful I got up and had the opportunity.

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