Thursday, June 17, 2010

Creatively Fit Marathon

My summer plans:

July 2: Begin the Creatively Fit Marathon
I took a painting class with Whitney in January and LOVED it. Planning on having painting parties with my kids on Fridays. Anyone know any good recipies for edible paints?

July 25: Music City Triathlon (Sprint)
My last tri was the weekend before Lily's first birthday. Thought I should do the same to celebrate Austin's birthday!

Auguts 13-21 Family Vacation in Emily, MN So very excited to relax and get to see everyone without having to run all over creation!

September 25: Women's Half Marathon
I mean, I'll have just done a triathlon 2 months before, so I'm blending the training programs. Might as well right?

What are your summer plans?

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