Saturday, March 13, 2010

Race Relations

This is a bit random for this blog, but I was just pursuing Facebook and I am amazed at how many of the people I went to high school with are in inter-racial relationships, or have had children with people of different races. Not because I find anything wrong with either of those things, but because it is just so different than the culture we grew up in.

I'm white, and the first time I met a black person I was twelve years old. I remember wondering if her blood was red like mine was, or if it was darker because her skin was darker.

I don't think I grew up racist, I simply grew up ignorant. I know people who have disowned their children because of inter-racial marriages. I once considered dating a black man, but was afraid of what my parents would think (granted he was also 14 years older than me, I was worried about that too.)

All this to say, I am glad that although we grew up very isolated, I'm happy that so many have moved outside of our narrow past.

This is all not as eloquent as I would like, but I've had three glasses of wine tonight :)

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