Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh what a night...

What a wonderful night! I got to hang out with my kids- I read Lily 12 books (well, she read me a few of them) fed Austin twice and got to do all of the snuggling that goes with that, and started to carve out my own writing space in the "Reading Room" - our downstairs living room. I realized my desk, although a cheapo from "The Store that Must Not be Named," weighs about a million pounds though so I have to wait for Chris to get home to help me move it downstairs. In the meantime, I am finally uploading some of my photos to Flikr so that I can apply for an art show at my church. I'm kind of excited- I know I'm no professional, but I feel like I have some pretty amazing shots. If I had the money, I would love to get a bunch of them mounted. I can add it to my "if I had money" list.

I'll post the Flikr link as soon as they're all up.

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