Saturday, February 13, 2010

Loving Me

I struggle with my self-image. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I just don't like what I see.  I wish I was thinner.  I wish I didn't have the dark circles under my eyes that broadcast to the world that I haven't gotten enough sleep in about three years.  I wish a lot of things.

My daughter loves herself.  She hasn't gotten to that "I wish" thinking yet.  This picture is of her looking into a mirror and literally squealing with delight at what she sees.  She LOVES herself.  She gets dressed in the morning then runs to either me or daddy (whoever didn't help her) and declares "I'm cute!" We brush her hair, she turns around, kisses us and says "I'm pretty!"  

I'm going to start doing that- once I get dressed I'm going to look in the mirror and declare myself cute.  Once my hair has been brushed, I'm going to go find my husband and declare myself pretty.  Because I am gorgeous. Lily tells me a lot how pretty I am. I just need to remind myself sometimes.

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