Thursday, July 19, 2007

Little joys...

So today is really just a typical Thursday. I had trouble sleeping last night, so I didn't want to get up this morning- in fact, when my alarm went off at 5 I reset it for 6, and when it went off at 6 I hit snooze until 7. By that time the dog needed to go out, so I had to get up (and I had to get ready for work.)

Having short hair again is really amazing. I spend more time preparing my lunches now then I do taking a shower, fixing my hair, and putting on make-up. And by "preparing my lunches" all I mean is pulling the food out of the fridge and getting it into my little insulated lunch carrier thing. It's not like I'm cooking anything.

Anyway- nothing really remarkable today except:

1) I almost didn't was my hands after using the restroom. "GROSS!!!!" you are probobly thinking. And you are right. But for whatever reason, I walked out of the stall and had the bathroom door open before I realized "Wait! I didn't wash my hands!" How do you forget something like that?

2) Even after packing the aforementioned lunch, I decided that I was in the mood for chinese. So, after my lunchtime workout at the Y, I stopped by Publix on my way back to the office to pick up some chicken and maybe bagel chips to go with it (I don't like fried rice or the noodly stuff). But, alas, the only options they had were spicey, which we all know I do not do. Then I noticed a little sign for their popcorn chicken: "Hand breaded throughout the day from only fresh white meat chicken breast." So I got an order, and, as a last minute addition, added a side of macaroni & cheese. Can I just tell you- the chicken was amazing- fresh & juicy tasting- not like any other commercially prepared fried chicken nuggets. And the macaroni. Oh the macaroni. It was as good as Grandma Marliss's, and if you don't know how good my Grandma Marliss cooks, you are missing out.

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