Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I had a bad day...but it's okay

Not so long ago, my husband gently told me to start a blog to complain about Nashville drivers because he was sick of hearing it. This blog isn't for that, but this one is going to be about it for a moment. Then I will move on.

I have no problem with talking on your cell phone while driving, if you can do both things at once. It's the people that can't that I have a problem with. JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE ON YOUR CELL PHONE DOESN'T EXEMPT YOU FROM USING TURN SIGNALS, DRIVING IN JUST 1 LANE AT A TIME, OR CHECKING FOR OTHER CARS BEFORE YOU SWITCH LANES.


On a brighter note, I swam .64 miles on my lunch break today, and I must say, I look quite funny in a swim suit. I have a maternity one, but it's all cute and doesn't scream "serious lap swimmer" so I decided to try my regular one-piece today. The one-piece fit just fine, as it should considering I still weigh 20lbs less now than I did when I bought it, but seriously- why can't I just have a cute round belly like it seems like everyone else has? Mine looks like a lopsided pillow. I think I"m going to go back to wearing the maternity one. It's a two piece and for whatever reason, I look much more normal in it.

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