Thursday, July 19, 2007

I did it I did it I did it!

So, for 3 weeks, on my "To Do- High Priority" and "Goals for the Week" list I had "Write and Submit story for Radiant." I hadn't just not done it, I hadn't even worked on it. BUT! Today, I buckled down, took a break from my usual random Internet surfing that helps me pass the day, and wrote, edited, and submitted my story! Yippee! Personally, I think it's pretty good, but I won't be offended if it's not printed. It wasn't so much about getting printed this time, but just doing it. I keep saying I want to get back in writing, but what have I done? Nada. 2 years ago I got really passionate about writing about the AIDS Pandemic in Africa- I even set up interviews with various authorities on the issue around town. Did I ever do anything though? Nope. But now, I've done it! One step in the right direction. YAY ME!

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