Friday, May 14, 2010


Ha! Somehow I accidentally just published this post without actually writing it. So...if you see the blank one, sorry about that!

I had such a lovely evening last nigh. I came home from work with a throbbing headache on the verge of turning into a full-on migraine (I've been having a lot of these lately, not fun) so Chris took the kids to the playground without me and I took a half hour nap. Between the meds, the nap and dinner, I was able to stave off the full on headache. Chris helped me get the kids bathed and then he headed out for a show.

I settled in and got to play with my kids. Then, when they went to bed I finished the last 150 or so pages of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I sat outside for a while to read and saw a mama bird feeding her baby. I made some popcorn. When I was on the second to last page, Austin started crying and I got to rock him to sleep while he cuddled into my shoulder, something this active child rarely ever does. I went to bed and laid and talked to my husband, who I seem to never see anymore, for a long time before falling asleep in his arms.

It was a lovely night.

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