Monday, October 12, 2009

The Noticer Review

The Noticer is okay. It's not bad, it's not amazingly good. At times it feels like a series of short stories around the the theme of "Jones" rather than a cohesive book about a certain period in Andy's life. The end of the first chapter launches into a resume of Andy's accomplishments in such a way that the book feels like it's becoming a self-help guide. Later, a large portion of that first chapter is repeated, and not even in theme, but word for word, which gets to be a bit much.

The book seems like it was made to be used as a discussion guide for a Bible study which makes the story feel forced, like there were certain themes that the author knew he wanted to include. If you're using it as a discussion guide, you will be pleased. If you're trying to just read it on your own, you may not feel compelled to finish it.

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